Prologue of our teamEdit

The zombie crew makes zombie levels,minigames,adventure levels,designs smileys,blocks,decorations,actions,backgrounds,coin hunt levels and sometimes joins in contests.Give requests for join in trello or say me if you want to join your request in EE



  • Leader:logothetis*
  • Co-leader:deluxa*
  • builder:Deluxa-,none*,none
  • minigame maker:logothetis*,none
  • testers:deluxa,maroz,*none[deluxa helps a little]
  • artists:none*,none*,none
  • contest members[the members who join in contests]logothetis,deluxa,none,none,none
  • members[they help a few with all of them]:kidmat,deby2006
  • This crew created by logothetis[my name in EE] on 14/4/2015[easter]


levels time completed or no special ID updates
Zombie land the building has started since new year's day uncompleted none PWaiPWZY8b0I
Guardian land it hasn't bought yet uncompleted none
Island adventures it hasn't bought yet uncompleted none
Viking adventures it hasn't bought yet uncompleted none
Zombie crew home 15/04/2015 completed none PWTOcrOrtHb0I
Zombie crew recruit 15/04/2015 completed none PWq1cRjSllb0l
Checkered minigames Sometime in 2014 completed NVD was in this level PWZQMKgR88bkl 15/04/2015


light wizard[see in phothos]


19/04/2015 12:30 A.M[1+ hour from england ][past]in [[[Zombie crew home]]]

1/05/2015 1:00 A.M[past]in [[[Zombie land]]]

25/06/2015 2 A.M[future meet] in [[[Zombie land]]]

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