YouTube, also sometimes shortened to YTis a that builds RPGs, makes good worlds and help people with their worlds. Done in 2011.

YouTube Crew startEdit

YouTube was made when a person on Everybody Edits named Pokemonshaw desided to make a crew. The first time he failed, but he never gives up. In his second try he made therunning, they made awebsite with Webs at first. After a while the started to become still, so Pokemonshaw put a stop that he started putting coins where you need to earn them by working hard in the and if you didn't have enough of coins you could go to stuff like partys. After that everyone stared working hard in the which made the a little bit popular. So he wanted his to be the best ever, he applied more people in the then it was late 2012. His had 18 people in it, by then he decided that the should have a meeting for how they should update the crew. They came up with idea like president and presedent's helper, so they had votes. 1 week later the winner was Editingmic but still Pokemonshaw was maker of YouTube Crew, so he can still over power the presedent. Winter was coming, so they made a winter world. it became a miny popular level and it's still becoming popular today. Then Editingmic, the president of the was out for much time. So the made Biggrin president, once they did that the big update came to the crew. They swiched the website from Webs to Weebly, which was a much better choice, after that the went up to 32 people. People stared hearing the name Youtube more often, the is still running today as a big.

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