Worlds are the rooms you can join in Everybody Edits. Worlds are where all of your items can be used, and are the main form of gameplay. All worlds are made by players, and multiple people can Edit and play them. The maximum amount of people allowed in a single world is 45. There are some ways of obtaining a World, the most popular being from buying them in the Shop.

Worlds by size Edit

Name Size Energy Cost Gem Cost
Home World 40x30 - -
Small World 25x25 100 2
Medium World 50x50 250 5
Large World 100x100 500 10
Crew World 100x100 3000 60
Wide World 400x50 1000 20
Ultra Wide World 636x50 1500 30
Tall World 100x400 2000 40
Massive World 200x200 2000 40
Beta World 200x200 - 75
Beta Only World 200x200 - 75
Great World 400x200 4000 80
Huge World 300x300 4000 80
Vertical Great World 200x400 4000 80

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Methods of Obtaining Edit

The column "Obtained From" lists where the item is obtained from.

  • Items obtained for "Free" are items given to you when you register the game.
  • Items obtained from "Beta" are items given to you when you purchase Beta Membership.
  • Items obtained from "Shop" are items you can either buy with Energy and/or Gems in the Energy Shop.
  • Items that are "Special" are either unobtainable, event items, or secret items.

Worlds by Type Edit

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