Ee wootup

Mr. Shoe giving a Woot


Magic coin which replaced magic woot

Woots were stars with red bows located at the center. Initially, there were two types of woots with different functions: 1) World woots 2) Magic Class woots[1]

World Woots Edit

If a player wanted to, they could give any world a woot. Players had maximum of 10 woots and would receive 10 more woots every day. In the lobby, worlds could be sorted by the amount of woots they had so people often put fun and entertaining things in their worlds to encourage people giving woots.

Magic Class Woots Edit

When magic classes were firstly implemented, a woot would appear above players, however, to prevent confusion, it was renamed and reanimated into magic coin.

Confusion & Conclusion Edit

Two different kinds of woots with similar, but not the same function, caused some confusion for newbies and thus magic coins replaced magic woots. However, world wooting concept was still present. Some time later, when EE2.0 was released it removed woot system completely and was replaced by Likes & Favorites system.

Other Flaws Edit

Even when confusion problem was fixed, woots were still pretty rigged system according to majority of the players. One of the problems was that, even if you were able to sort worlds by woots, most wooted worlds were often found with very little players in it.

Trivia Edit

  • Forumers use the wooting concept figuratively in order to show that they like/agree with certain post/reply.[2]
  • When two snow decorations from "Christmas 2010 Decorations" pack combine they seem to form a star that resembles that of a woot. This seems highly unlikely to be intended as woots were added years afterwards. However, it's still very questionable 'coincidence'.

References Edit

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