Random Minigames (most)
Name Random Minigames (most)
Creator Vilius2001
Type Minigames
Difficulty Normal (of the saved map)
Map v1.2

Original saved map v1.2


Original saved map v.1

Random Minigames is a level that is changing it's map everytime, the level's size is the smallest. The level is fun and there normally is about 40 people (highest record 50 (full)). Random Minigames is made by Vilius2001 in 2012 May.


Random Minigames alot changes it's name, it was :

  • Troll kick Code 1144
  • Troll kick Code 1414
  • Come
  • Hard minis
  • Now : TV
  • Now : Jail
  • Castle
  • Fun minis
  • Houses

And a lot of others...

But the most used and original name of the level is : Random Minigames.

  • Castle
  • Houses
  • Hard Minis

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