A troll is a person who destroys people's worlds by spamming blocks.

Preventing trollingEdit

Main Article: How to Create a Secure Edit Key.

The definite way to catch trollers is the aid of a bot, check the topic antitroll

Although there is no definitive way to prevent a troll from striking, you can create a secure password, which will keep unwanted editors from discovering the code.

The key to prevention is to give the code to only people who you want to have the code and know that they will not troll. For example, if you have a so-called "friend" who is notorious for trolling other people's levels, it would be obvious to not give them edit rights in your own worlds. Some dishonest "friends" give out the code to some people, which eventually spreads to everyone, so the command "/giveedit [username]" can be used to know exactly who does and doesn't have edit rights.

How to notice when a troll is lurking, SecretlyEdit

  • Trolls often take the appearence of a Guest without a username, so that way the real troll's username's reputation doesn't get tarnished.
    • Though do note that there are some new and honest guests around Everybody Edits, so don't go off kicking every guest, unless the mentioned world is a registered players-only world.
  • Guests whom have the desire to troll will usually use the Quick Chat 'Help' command to make their Smiley say "Help Me!" Although there is no obstaicle that is obscuring their path. Usually, this occurs on freshley-started levels where there is few blocks and mostly blank space.

What attracts trollsEdit

  • Putting "No Troll" in the world name.
  • Worlds with a level name of "Code is [level code]", or just having the code in the world name, for obvious reasons.
  • Some trolls who are designated to troll very specific types of levels will go after those levels. Ex. Some trolls go after unoriginal, badly designed worlds.

NOTE: Sometimes, the code changes every time you go to the edit menu. Because of this, the code is more secure. However, it gets annoying sometimes.

During and after a Troll has trolledEdit

Trolls can be troublesome worries as they disrupt the flo of a level. Fortunately, there are several commands to effectively remove the troll from the world. Using the Chat Commands can help the level owner, and they are always effective. Using the /kick command will kick the troll in the level as well as temporarily banning them for five minutes. Using the /loadlevel command will reset the level to the last time it was saved.

However, there is a downside to the /kick command. First of all, you must see the troll on your own screen to confirm that he/she is a "troller" after all. Because some trolls take the appearance of a Ninja or Robber Smiley, both whom are invisible on the minimap, it can be hard to track them down in large worlds.

It wouldn't be rare for others to "help" your search for trolls by pursuing the troll, but that leads to another aspect. Say that there would be five or so players chasing down the troll. Some of the pursuers in the back don't see the troll on the screen, which leads to them mistaking the "chaser" as the "trollr"
A solution to this would have just one trusted person take the job for finding trolls. There are also many other online chats that you and the "trusted person" can use to communicate privately between each other.

Another way is to change the code. Changing the code will not only keep them from knowing the current code, but will deprive any users of their editing abilities. For example, users who gained edit rights via the "/giveedit" command will lose their edit rights, regardless of who they are. Only the level owner retains his/her edit rights after changing the code.

Trolling without disturbingEdit

Although trolling is poorly recieved by most users, there are several ways to troll without disturbing the level's purpose and flow. This can be either artistic trolling, which is often received as abstract art, or pre-trolling the level if its purpose is for players to navigate through the trolled blocks.

In some other levels, there "are troll boxes," created just for trolling in. Some people, including actual trolls, may troll outside of the box usually due to how often troll boxes are poorly controlled by the world owner.

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