FG crew logo

the fg crew logo, created by the first gamer himself.

"the first gamer" is a member of nonoba and is the leader of the fg crew, the current members of the fg crew are listed here:

the first gamer (leader)

den3107 (leader helper)

Teo10 (co-leader)

TS_tonystuart (co-leader helper)

ezophlee (member x)

Rever496 (member x)

danny 7 (member x)

mac and cheese (member)

dragonaric (member)

the crew has not came together to make an official map yet but the leader created a "rebirth" level:

the official launch of this level will be january/31st monday 12:00pm EST.

the tinychat link for this crew is

the first gamer: a true leader of any crew has compassion, creativity, and expert level playing.

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