Dear Sir/Madam, a very warm welcome to the Homepage of The TC (The Trust Comitee) . This group is actually a Comitee, not a Crew, but it goes under the category of 'Crews'. I decided to make it a 'Comitee' because our members Commit their full talent into making various forms of entertainment for no privellages to ourself, but privellages for you. We 100% Garuntee their will certaintly be no disprivellages for you, but some for us, _♦•♪♫+*+♫♪•♦_TrusteÐ23_♦•♪♫+*+♫♪•♦_ 18:35, February 7, 2011 (UTC)

Main Article:Edit

We currently only have 1 member, myself. But I am sure that from these very humble begginings, a growing Crew will flourish, and produce many other members, destined to produce even more, _♦•♪♫+*+♫♪•♦_TrusteÐ23_♦•♪♫+*+♫♪•♦_ 21:02, February 7, 2011 (UTC)

Ranks 'n Rules:Edit

You may think once you join the Crew, you just play around in some levels. But we don't do that. We sort you into ranks, first come first get. From Greater Superiors to Rule-Breakers, just do what your superiors say. But bossieness is not allowed, unless they order you to do this/that. A list of ranks can be found:


Head Superior:

Trusted (Wikia: Trusted23).

Greater Superior:


Lesser Superior:


Employee of the Week:

Awarded Weekly. TBC.

VIP Members (5 max):


Important Members (Max 6):


Semi-Important Members (Max 7):


Semi-Unimportant members (Max 8):


Unimportant members (Max 9):


Greater normal members (Max 10):

TBC (Continues next infobox).

Ranks (Continued):

Normal Members (Unlimited):


Lesser Normal Members (Unlimited):




Banned Members:



  • Obey you're Superiors.
  • Do NOT Troll (The Comitee does Certaintly NOT Accept Trolls within the ranks).
  • No self Promoting.
  • No Spam attacks on the main page (This).
  • Take care witth you're work.

_♦•♪♫+*+♫♪•♦_TrusteÐ23_♦•♪♫+*+♫♪•♦_ 09:59, February 11, 2011 (UTC).

The HQ level (Non- Beta, beware trolls!)

Back-up HQ

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