The Elf Mine is a level created by Minimania. This level was featured in the Advent Calendar on December 8, 2017.

During the Advent Calendar, a player will receive the Stone Pack upon successfully completing the level.


The level is a medium saved world, and was originally made as a Christmas gift for Xenonetix during December of 2017.

A few hours after The Elf Mine was added to the Advent Calendar, a small part of the level near the beginning was altered to make it easier for beginning players to understand how to get a Blue Coin.

Level DesignEdit

The Elf Mine

Minimap ingame.

The level contains 21 gold coins and 6 blue coins scattered throughout the level. Some of them require jumping into the teleporter, which will teleport you to a random area on the map. In order to access the teleporter, you must first gather all 6 initial blue coins.

Once you acquire all gold coins in the level, a coin door will be opened, allowing the player to reach a Switch, which will open up the room where the Win Block is located.

This world has since been incorporated into another world made by Minimania, which can be found here.


You can play The Elf Mine here: