Name Station_02.bat
Creator Aoitenshi
Type Adventure
Difficulty Normal
Plays 13,332
Woots 1,860
Creation Date February 9, 2013
Minigames 55
Gold Coins 50
Blue Coins 5
Station_02.bat is a solo adventure world and was released on February 9, 2013 as a sequel to Aoitenshi's hit Station_01.exe, featuring twice the physics tool and almost twice the amount of gameplay.

This level mainly strays from the mainstream type of minigames and instead approaches the gameplay in a different way where the builder is limited to the physics tools showcased to the players, separating each tools within stages.


The world itself is separated into four mandatory with one optional stages: Portal, Bar, Ray, I.C (Interactive Chamber) and Secret.

Players starts the first stage, "Portal", which is a funnel which superspeeds any item entering it, defying the laws of physics. As they progress further, players will gradually encounter more complex types of physics tools, which musts players to complete each chambers.

The chambers are separated further into three types: Regular, Puzzle and Challenge chamber. Regular chambers musts them to manipulate their movement to the goal, whilst Puzzle chambers requires the players to think for alternate solution, and the Challenge chambers' difficulty is designed to satisfy veteran players.

In total, players will be introduced to 14 different physics tool, them being Portal, Coin Portal, Switch Portal, Timed Portal, Repulsion Bar, Magnetia Bar, Suction Bar, Anti-vity Bar, Levitation Ray, Statis Ray, Sonic Ray, and Antimatter Ray. With the Secret chambers introducing this world's predecessor counterpart, Pulse Bar and Z-Gravity.

Critical ReceptionEdit

Station_02.bat, was critically acclaimed by both veterans and newbies alike, earning even more praises than the amount Station_01.exe earned from forumify users and regular players overall. Despite the critics however, Aoitenshi was disappointed on his world, he stated that this sequel "may be eye-candy, more intriguing and complex, and most of you may like it. And that's the mistake, it loses it's simpleness and atmosphere. This disappointing world felt like a slap in my face, why haven't I do this... Do that... And all that."

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