Name Station_01.exe
Creator Aoitenshi
Type Adventure
Difficulty Easy
Plays 43,666
Woots 3,669
Creation Date June 2, 2012
Minigames 33
Gold Coins 40
Blue Coins 5
Station_01.exe is a solo map created (mostly) by Aoitenshi and was released on June 2, 2012 as a tribute to Star's map, Terminal.

This level mainly strays from the mainstream type of minigames and instead approaches the gameplay in a different way where the builder is limited to the physics tools showcased to the players, separating each physics tools within stages.

Station_01.exe has been recreated as a sequel on February 9, 2013 under the name of Station_02.bat.


Players starts the world with their first obstacle, Portal, which is a funnel which superspeeds any item entering it, which also defies laws of physics. Players are introduced to more complex physics tools in their gameplay as they progress through the world, with the rest of the physics tools being Repulsion which pushes players, Magnetia which allows free aerial movement, Suction which pulls players, Pulse which pulses a pushing wave and Flip-vity which flips the gravity horizontally.

Critical ReceptionEdit

Station_01.exe was critically acclaimed by both veterans and newbies alike, earning many praises from forumify users and regular players overall, with the Kongregate aggregate rating reaching 9.5/10. Some reviewers even thought that this world is better than the original counterpart, Terminal. It was mostly praised for it's unique simplicity, atmospheric and progressive experience.

In March 20, 2013, Station_01.exe was featured on the Developer's Blog and now resides permanently under the Featured tab.

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