Spawn Point
The spawn point block is an action block and it is completely free. When placed in a world, players will spawn from one of the placed spawn points selected randomly. This was a stackable block, but the 2016 "Gold Membership" update changed it.


  • If you write /reset or /loadlevel in your chat all the players (except players in God Mode) in the world will restart in these points.(Note: This only works in your worlds, not in other people worlds, also you can reset by reset action block.)
  • If you don't have any spawn points in a world, the player will begin from the top leftmost corner.
  • Oddly enough, sometimes players still spawn at the top leftmost corner even though there is a spawn point. This bug is usually uncommon.
  • Sometimes, a bug occurs that instead of spawning in the top leftmost corner, players spawn outside of the world. This bug doesn't let players respawn, and the only way to get out is to exit and re-enter the world.

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