Comparation of use of blocks and signs.


Usage of sign to give the code.


Usage of the sign to tell a story.

The sign is an action block. It is used to type text (hints, stories) and then anyone at the same position as the sign could read what it says. Each sign can have 140 characters written on it in total.

One sign can be bought for 1500 energy points in Energy Shop. On 10th February 2016, signs are unlimited and all can use signs.


Parameters are used to interact with the players as they show the number of deaths or coins and other information.

All the parameters are listed below.

Parameter Effect
 %levelname% Writes the name of the level
 %username% Writes the username of the player
 %deaths% Writes the amount of deaths of the player
 %coins% Writes how many Coin golden coins the player has
 %bcoins% Writes how many Bluecoin blue coins the player has
\n Writes a new line.

Colors Edit

Sign have 4 different colors:

  • Normal sign will appear in brown body and white text
  • Blue sign will appear in blue body and blue text
  • Red sign will appear in red body and red text
  • Gold sign (GM only) will appear in gold body and gold text,
  • To change colors of the sign, place sign again in the same postion.

Trivia Edit

  • 10th February 2016: Now the signs are unlimited and you can place them all.
  • 7th February 2015: You can use parameters in the signs.
  • 9th July 2014: Sign was able to be bought in the Energy Shop for 1000 energy. Before that, only Builders Club members were able to get access to it.

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