Secret Bricks
Creator Chris Benjaminsen
Name Secret Bricks
Total Energy 625
Released June 2011
Description Secret bricks look like normal bricks but work in reverse, as well as invisible blocks. Great for secrets!

The Secret Bricks is a block in Everybody Edits. It costs 625 energy & 12 gems in the Energy Shop. It is available to everyone and when bought. Secret Bricks allow players to not access various parts of your world. When used with the Coin Doors or Coin Gates, the Secret Brick is used to access the code.


It was released on June 2011. It costs 400 Energy from June 2011 to February 2012.


  • In the Christmas Edition 2014, there was a third secret block added to the pack: Pseudo-invisible block. It is looks like a key door or gate.

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