Saved worlds have a modify level button located to the left of the mute and fullscreen button. It has four 'sub-' buttons which are all very different.

Save Level, the button, allows you to save your level to the server. So when somebody trolls and everyone leaves, when you re-enter, or when you chat the command, "/loadlevel", your level is completely restored!

The button, Change Name, lets you type in a new level name. You can do this numerous times to increase advertising, although few people are complaining.

'Change Key', the button, lets you edit and make the super secret edit key. Be aware that when you change the edit key, it will kick all people from edit and god mode, thus you are the only person who can edit.

Another button you may find on this menu is a nice beaker image. Under the image, on the button, appears either the word "ON" or "OFF". This button controls whether or not all users can use potions or not. This button can only be clicked with a delay of at least 30 seconds.

Finally the last button, Clear Level, allows you to clear the entire level. (including the border blocks, which will revert back to the grey basic brick) If you press it by accident, don't worry! In order for the game to know that you are 100% sure that you want to delete the whole level, you have to type CLEAR to clear the level. (and press save) To exit the text box, just hit the X in the corner.

Saved worlds come in limited supply, which can only be bought at the shop.

Saved worlds come in different sizes, unlike normal worlds. The sizes are 25x25, 50x50, 100x100, 400x50, 200x200, 636x50, a 110x110 space world with lower gravity and the biggest world of them all, the grand 400x200.

Saved worlds let you edit the border of the levels, however only basic bricks.

Saved worlds have a star next to their name when they show up in the lobby.

All Saved World types

Sizes include the gray border. You can help filling the empty spaces. (Hey many times you have to add energy x you must add the energy in increments of (quantity)).

  • Only beta users can get free beta worlds.
Name Description Size Energy Gems Increment
Small This type of world hasn't got a description. 25x25



5 25
Home This type of world hasn't got a description. 40x30 Free Free Free
Medium This type of world hasn't got a description. 50x50



20 25
Large This type of world hasn't got a description. 100x100



40 25
Wide For those of you who really like to make levels that only go in one direction 400x50



80 50
Space A world with lower gravity. 110x110



100 100

Want some more beta sized worlds?

Then buy this!


All non-saved worlds have got this size.



160 50
Great Worlds do not get much larger than this enormous 400x200 saved world! 400x200



320 100
Tall Need a tall world for your creations? Well here it is! 100x400 4000 80
Ultra Wide A world so wide it does not really fit in this shop! 636x50 3180


Note: Home Worlds cannot be found in the shop. They were given to you as part of the second update of the farm theme. You can only have one home world. It contains pre-templated blocks. It functions exactly like a normal world.

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