This page was created by laredotexas on July 21, 2012. I created this page because too many people had problems with the original PD Crew page.. If you need any help or have problems signing up for PD Crew, just ask one of our members. By the way, PD means Professional Designers. -laredotexas

Notes: everyoneeditsgod is no longer admin of the PD Crew. He decided to quit EE because he got the game Minecraft. Paul7 is no longer a member of the PD Crew. He decided to join another Crew instead.

To register for the PD Crew, please follow these instructions. [I'm creating this because other people can't find the original PD Crew page.

1. Send a link of your levels to laredotexas[admin of the PD Crew]. His email is Or you could send it to godmodegta[co-leader] and he'll forward it to laredotexas. His email is

2. Once you add him, you need to be tested by PD Crew members to qualify. Just ask one of the members about this step.

3. You will be voted on PD Crew mods. If at least 2 of the mods agree, then you will pass the test.

4. Once you pass the test, congratz! You are now a PD Crew member.


1. No trolling. Failure to comply with this step will result in a ban. If you stop another member from creating art or remove important blocks (coin doors, portals, diamond blocks[although we don't have one]), we will kick/suspend you.

2. If you swear at someone [like saying "**** you"], we will suspend/ban you.

3. If you trap someone (member or non-member), we will kick you. Doesn't matter if that person is your worst enemy, a harmless joke, or if that person is an annoying bug.

4. If you are in another Crew, please let us know.

5. Giving the code to a non-member will result in a suspend/kick ..we don't want random people floating or freely editing our worlds.O_O

6. Spamming e-mails or sending inappropiate stuff [ex. inappropiate pictures or emails] will result in a ban. This rule is strictly enforced because spammers will send links to inappropiate websites or advertisements. Don't give any emails to strangers or other people. If we know that you did, we will kick/ban you.

7. Don't speak out loud about your personal life..we don't want to know. If you want you could just say it out loud, but I highly suggest that you go to another place and talk privately with a friend.

8. Ranking System:







Top Member:




PD Crew Worlds:

Creator: World: Date:
godmodegeta PD Crew Art World 7/20/2012 laredotexas PD Crew Art 7/15/2012
everyoneeditsgod Perplexus 7/18/2012
crazymelody PD Crew Logo 7/14/2012


We DON'T have a testing room right now, although I might update this.. and make sure to follow the rules to join. Just a video I created on PD Crew..the level is by leonel0000. You can also watch it on YouTube!! [YouTube vid. Rate, comment, and subscribe!!]
Everybody Edits - PD Crew laredotexas, crazymelody, leonel0000, godmodesta, etc06:04

Everybody Edits - PD Crew laredotexas, crazymelody, leonel0000, godmodesta, etc.


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