The red ninja was a smiley that appeared in MisterShoe's profile in 2012. You could get it from the energy shop for 1000 energy or 20 gems. It's description was "a worthy opponent of the black ninja". Later it disappeared from the shop. However, the smiley got re-added in 14 March 2015 as a secret smiley cause of them be a classic unused smiley before (like Purple ghost and DJ smiley), except that in the first hours the secret messed up due an error in code. It was removed from everyone hours after and the method to obtain it changed and Error on March 15, 2015.

Obtention methods Edit

Original methodEdit

Note: This method doesn't work anymore.

You had to select the ninja smiley while you're already wearing it. This would instantly turn you into the Red Ninja, and it would add it to your smiley count to be selected at any time you wanted it too (Simply selecting black ninja twice) 

The error Edit

Note: This method doesn't work anymore.

However, the original method had an error and therefore everyone found it out, the error consisted in simply that by wearing ninja smiley and going to your own world, you obtained the red ninja, making all the fanbase notice it's existence. 

Actual method Edit

Note: This method doesn't work anymore. Now in the Colorful Campanign.

The error was patched, the method changed and the smiley removed from everyone. However, it is still possible to obtain. If you want to try unlocking it, you can think about a hint NVD gave: 

"Ninja + Red key + Patience"

Alternatively if you want to be a complete cheater and not figure it out yourself, then follow these steps:

- Obtain the ninja smiley

- Build an afk, place a red key somewhere in it, and make sure there's a delay in it such as a red gate

- Select the ninja smiley and enter the afk

There's no message or anything, your smiley should just turn red. Good luck.

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