The Purple Ghost used to appear on MisterShoe's profile long ago. It was removed shortly and added in February 2015 as a magic smiley but was hard to obtain. MisterShoe's profile also held secret smileys such as the Red Ninja. MisterShoe's profile is now private.

055 purple ghost

Trivia Edit

  • The chances to get it were likely around 1% of the time.
  • It was the most difficult smiley to obtain since it required all of the other magic smileys.
  • The Purple Ghost as of the Fall 2015 update, released on November 5th, 2015, and the blog claims it will reappear as a campaign smiley.
  • An upside-down smiley used to replace the Purple Ghost's ID before it was added. It was removed when Purple Ghost was added... or so we thought. The Upside Down smiley only appears if you're a staff member, which you could be unofficially with (outdated) hacks. If you aren't a staff member, it appears as the default Smiley.
    Upsidedown Smiley

Other Magic Smileys Edit

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