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Simon Farshid, better known by his nickname, Processor, was one of the administrators of Everybody Edits. Processor joined Everybody Edits on March 14, 2011, 2:26 PM GMT. Processor has made a couple of bots, of which Yo!Scroll and Yo!Scroll Infinite were the most popular ones. Yo!Scroll was made in early 2012.

He is administrator since 22/02/2015 and on 24/02/2015

Processor's description of Yo!ScrollEdit


Yo!Scroll is a vertical side-scrolling game where you should try to stay on the board until the others fall off. Its design is based on the look of a heart rate monitor. We have been developing this bot in secret since the end of 2011, and we aren't planning to release it for the public. It has taken a long time, but we both think the same: It has worth it! Have fun! ;)

Processor's description of Yo!Scroll InfiniteEdit

YoScroll Infinite

The original version of Yo!Scroll is a vertical side-scrolling game where you try to stay on the moving platform and complete challenges to win. This new version is unique because it uses invisible portals to make the scroll loop infinite, thus the name of the bot.

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