Tutoarials in playlist

The Tutorials In The Featured List

Tutorials are levels were they teach you how to play. There are currently 3 tutorials, actually 4, but the fourth one isn't mentioned in the featured list. They are displayed green in the featured worlds list.

The First Tutorial - Moving Edit

In this tutorial Mr.Shoe explains you how to move, jump and climb on ladders. They also say what coins.

Plays: 435.658

Total Woots: 41.171

The Seconde Tutorial - Gravity Edit

In this tutorial, they introduce you to the gravity arrows and dots and to the portals.

4th tutorial

The writing errors in the fourth tutorial

Plays: 163.349

Total Woots: 14.566

The Thirth Tutorial - Editing Edit

Here, they teach you how to edit. The world contains an area where you can edit like in an open world.

Plays: 284.044

Total Woots: 12.650

The Fourth Tutorial - Advanced Jumping And Puzzles Edit

In this last tutorial Mr.Shoe was going to teach us how to do advanced jumping and puzzles, but it didn't became a tutorial. The toolbar also looks different from the other tutorials, in this one you can insert the code where in other tutorials you can't.

Plays: 2.733

Total Woots: 94

Trivia Edit

  • Tutorial rooms have as world-ID 'Tutorial185_world_X' where X is the number of the tutorial, but this doesn't apply to the fourth tutorial where the world-ID is PWHxIV7crnbEI.
  • The fourth tutorial contains some writing errors, like 'Forth' in stead of 'Fourth'
  • The fourth tutorial is currently unfinished.

Links Edit

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