Precision ceiling jump

An example of a Precision Ceiling Jump

A Precision Ceiling Jump requires the player to jump from an upwards gravity arrow (or a dot) on the ceiling to a narrow gap on the floor filled with upwards arrows to ensure the player must jump from the ceiling to pass through. While this puzzle is overwhelming found as the ceiling to floor variant described above, technically it would also operate exactly the same from left to right, right to left, and floor to ceiling. These challenges can sometimes be exploited through poor design by jumping from the floor directly into the opening.

Once players have tried it several times, most players make it out that that it is not so difficult for a variety of reasons. Some say that there is unlimited time to perform and align their smiley (Unless it is a boss or other timed/limited thing to do). It is used mostly in minigames, however can be used anywhere. Do note that examples like the one in the picture take up quite a bit of space for just one jump.

On easier variations, a background is shown to indicate the correct pathway, or there is a block next to the up-arrow at the top in the picture (Which completely destroys the difficulty). On more creative and original variations, there is often a long drop from where players are dropped, long enough so that the area that players have to land on can't be seen.

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