Post the levels you create here to all people see and play it. Put an image and an description of the level to the others enter it.

1 Stage 10 LevelsEdit


Description: This level is very fun why there are only a stage, but 10 level dificulties, where every passed level, harder the stage be. The people have to pass the levels until get to the crown. It is good too why here you can get a magic coin, why every level you get a coin.

Image: (no image)

Escape The ForestEdit


Description: This game is very hard, your misson is to scape the forest. Collect the coins to open the patch in the trees (coin doors). Do not can pass? Go trying and see the others pass the levels, and then you will learn. Sometimes I will be in the level showing how to pass, passing that pa

Boss Battle X RunEdit


Description: This level is considerably easy. It tests you going through rooms such as pyramids, stairs, platforms, and gravity blocks before entering the boss room. You must survive 3 rounds with the boss to pass into the winner room containing the super secret edits key. This is a beta world.

Super Hunger GamesEdit


Description: This level is very hard, it mainly consists of platform jumping, gravity blocks, and key doors. Most of the obstacles are in a room but some are out in the open world. The hardest area is probably the hallway containing vertical blocks. The distance between these narrow platforms are 5-6 block spaces. The winners get a crown. This is a beta only world.

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