Portal block set

The portal brick.

Portal Bricks

Portal is a stackable block (GM ruined it) that can be used to teleport between areas in a world. The ID of the portal can be changed to teleport to different portals within a world. When a player in God Mode flies over it, he can see the portal ID and his target.


On August 17, 2012[1], a the castle package was released that when bought, would cause the portal ID selection screen to go off the game screen for some users because of the chain, making portals unusable. This bug has been fixed.

Another "bug" (or so considered by Chris Benjaminsen) was a popular collection of portals strung to make a 'portal cannon' -- this would cause the user to move rapidly between two portals and eventually skip through a portal and launch out. More advanced "portal cannons" can launch the players through solid blocks. This bug was patched quickly.


The chain portal bug.

Invisible portal historyEdit

Some players could use a bot to create invisible portals, which acted like normal portals but were not shown on the screen. This hack existed for a long time, but at the time of the zombie theme MrShoe removed it. Players complained about this, and so MrShoe challenged those players to create ten worlds featuring the invisible portals before the end of the zombie theme. The worlds also had to match the zombie theme. When the deadline was reached MrShoe decided to keep the invisiportals and even make them an official feature. The official invisible portals are now in the Energy Shop for the same 625 energy that can also be used to buy a regular portal. Players with edit will see the invisible portal even without god mode. It's like regular portal, without animation and is gray-colored.

Invis portal 0

Invisible portal

World PortalsEdit

On February 27, 2013, MrShoe announced on the blog that "World Portals" were added. Unlike the other two types of portals, the world portal can send players to other worlds, including ones that were made by other people. The world ID, which is the random letters that are in the URL when "Share Level" is clicked, can be changed to send players to different worlds. Also, the portal requires tapping the spacebar (later changed to Y) for it to activate, instead of activating on contact.

World portalllll
Dec175 0

Green Portal from on

References Edit

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