StarBlinky was a member of the EX Crew. Star has no posts on the Offical Everybody Edits Forums, and MFL never stated his/her's role in the EX Crew, so their personality and antics are entirely unknown, such as if they even still play Everybody Edits. StarBlinky also won with his/her crew Who the F is StarBlinky for the level The Clock Strikes 12 first place on the Official First Everybody Edits Contest.

EX Crew
Maps (Worlds) Wrath of VesuviusOH SHIT BEARSIllusionTower of BabelCUBEIce LevelRainbow RoadrageThe Fall of ZealMinigamesAre You A God?
Puzzles Curved SlidesMFL SpecialMFL Special 2Red HerringSticky Gates

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