Platforming, created by stop1it. Shown in the main map is a WeeGee, made by TheRealDark. (From left in the minimap: the two figures to the left of Mario, Mario, Princess Peach, WeeGee, Link and Sonic were all created by TheRealDark.)

Platforming is a world created by stop1it , somewhere in early August.


The world is easy throughout the map, except for the hidden extra level from the top left all the way to the top middle.

This world was intended to be easy because of the huge amount of less experienced players who get frustrated and ragequit due to a level being too hard.


  • stop1it
    • Created the levels all the way to "PLATFORMING MASTERS"
    • Wrote the cursive word "Platforming" in purple at the top of the map
    • Created a platforming level on the word "Platforming"
  • TheRealDark
    • Created the 7 artworks.
  • logon
    • Created the hidden extra level from the top left to the top middle.
  • brownie12lbs
    • Helped out a little with the artwork.
  • aapl2
    • Nothing at all, just wanted the code

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