Physics are the basics for any platforming game. Without them, we could not move around properly. Let us look at the developement of physics.


Platform SandboxEdit

Platform Sandbox's traction is of very small magnitude and causes players to slide, as if on ice.

The anti-gravity block caused players to have more traction than not being on the anti-gravity block.

Everybody EditsEdit

Everybody Edits' traction increased, making players feel more like they are on solid ground rather than ice.

The anti-gravity block in Everybody Edits has the opposite property than that of Platform Sandbox's, decreasing traction rather than increasing traction.

Jumping RestrictionsEdit

(Main Article: Restrictions )

The restrictions are the same as in Platform Sandbox and Everybody Edits, allowing players to jump a little less than 5 blocks in height. This means that when a player is on a platform, the blocks that he can jump on are at most 3 blocks higher than the platform. Horizontal Spacial Restrictions

Everybody EditsEdit

In the 0.6x version of Everybody Edits, the maximum horizontal spacial restriction for jumping from one block across a gap is 9 blocks wide, while at maximum speed, after acceleration, the maximum horizontal spacial restriction for jumping across a gap is 12 blocks wide. If it is a low gravity world, you can jump 71 blocks with acceleration off one block.

Gravity BlocksEdit

After the physics being updated in Everybody Edits version 0.6x (not confirmed), the effects of gravity blocks have weakened. This leads to harder jumps and ruined gameplay.


Holding the direction of where you are about to go in arrow blocks would result in a slight increase in speed.


  • ==When a left, right, or anti-gravity block is put 5 blocks' worth of height above ground, there is a possibility that a player may not reach it and fall back to the ground. This, however, is not expressed with the up or down gravity block. This may be a glitch or was made on purpose with the physics update in July (?).éh éh==

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