PainBALL is a bot-assisted level developed by Thanel. It is a level where players are separated into several teams where they fight until only one team stands. Currently, it is still under heavy development and may change in the future.


This section lists all available commands usable by players, it does not include the ones usable by bot operators.

  • !afk -- Puts yourself in AFK status and grants you godmode.
  • !unafk -- Remove yourself from AFK status and disabling godmode.


To use a weapon, simply double tap a direction. To obtain other weapons, open a chest that randomly spawns within the arena.

  • Knife -- The player's default melee weapon, automatically used in a close encounter with nearby enemies.
  • Pistol -- The player's default weapon, it fires a bullet at the speed of 7b/s (blocks per second) in a straight line, and a drop off distance of 15 blocks.
  • Shotgun -- A weapon that shoot three bullets simultaneously at the speed of 7b/s in a straight line. The side bullets drops off at a distance of 10 blocks while the center bullet drops off at a distance of 15 blocks.
  • Flamethrower -- A weapon that unleashes a torrent of flame 3 blocks in front of player in a wide cone. While this weapon is capable of taking out crowds of enemies at once, care should be taken as this weapon can also burn allies and even yourself.

Future FeaturesEdit

  • Shop System? Similar to the one in BomBot.
  • More weapons.

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