Ee PL Crew Maps

A few maps.

The PL Crew is a group, like the EX Crew, but with less members and experience.

~~From now on, D.Boy has closed the PL Crew. He will be starting it back up, but with less members, to make it more cooparitive.~~

There is a rumor that each level's code is "DBoy needs beta". This is a joke between the PL Crew as DBoy was always speaking about how much he need it. It is unknown if the code is still used due to DBoy actually GETTING beta.

Ee PL logo

The current logo

How It beganEdit

One day, a Kongregate user DBoy9 was playing Everybody Edits. In a chat he met TheDarkBandit and they went to work on an RP level. Sadly the level crashed. Afterwards, they started another level. Then was when TheDarkBandit had said the magic words. "Make us a cool logo like the EX Crew." Hence the PL Crew was born.


The PL Crew has a small number of members. They are listed in no particuler order. When they make levels they list their Kongregate accounts and nicknames they use in chat.

Kongregate Name Nickname Skills Smiley
D.Boy9 DBoy Founder, Leader, All-Rounder ^_^
TheDarkBandit Dark Founder, Leader, All-Rounder :D
MrWereTurtle Turtle Leader, All-Rounder B)
TheProffesor Proff Texts, Small and/or large art :3
iSeduce iSed Art :)
Luffy555555 Luffy Art :(
50Bear Bear Coasters >.<
Alama16 Alam AFK Boxes, RPG Elements XD
Kributo Yarn AFK Boxes, Art AROUND Objects O.o
REDBONE980 Red Coasters, Mini-Texts :P
Simperry Simp Optimisium, DBoy's Aprentice [:)


Spade Smileys



The PL Crew make many art and RP maps, but they have also made a few minigame maps.

Name Description People who worked on it No. of visitors
PL Crew: Recruitment A small room used by DBoy to test new members. DBoy ?
FORT WARS A collaboration with the PR Crew, it was one of the PL Crews most succesful maps. DBoy9, PR Crew Never counted
PL Crew: Minigames |A minigame level that was going well. Unfortunatly, the progress of the level was completely erased after the level crashed while Turtle was AFK. DBoy9, MrWereTurtle Never counted
PL Crew: TEAMWORK A minigame level, which all the mini's involved having to work together with a teamate. It was very low visited. DBoy9, Luffy555555, iSeduce Never Counted
Unnamed RPG The level that started it all. It was for RPing, something that many memebers of the PL Crew are addicted to. DBoy9, TheDarkBandit 2
PL Crew: Sand Mansion The first level to be saved with Turtle's Beta, it has vastily grown. It's the first map the PL Crew has actually finished.

DBoy9, MrWereTurtle, Luffy555555,Kributo,


103(at last check)
PL Crew: RPG An RPG level that has been DBoy's first work as a beta user. It has become very popular. DBoy9, REDBONE980, Alama6,TheDarkBandit, TheProFFesor, MrWereTurtle 144(at last check)
PL Crew: Ideas A beta-only world where DBoy and Turtle get together to come up with ideas. DBoy9 1(at last check)

Quotes Many people in the PL Crew say funny things. Here we record their sayings.

"What you got Troll problems? I'll go get my sword."


"A caterpillar? Can it be scaly? Oh wait.... That's a snake"



If you're looking for the PL Crew, check Kongregate. The PL Crew is always looking for members, so if you would like to join, just ask DBoy9. DBoy's Kongregate page is best due to he is almost always on Kongregate

DBoy9's Kongregate

DBoy9's Tinychat porn is great

Gallery Edit

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