This page was created by Crazymelody because people can not find the other 2 PD crew pages. If you have any questions about the crew, please email me, Crazymelody. My email is And by the way PD crew means pro designers.

levi48:why are you going to delete this?

Note: Everyoneeditsgod is no longer admin of the crew. Laredotexas took that spot.

To register for the PD crew, please follow these instructions.

1. Send a link of one of ur levels to Laredotexas(admin of the crew). His email is Or you can send it to the co-leader of the crew, Godmodgta, and he will forward it to Laredotexas. His email is

2. After the first step, you will be tested among the members to qualify. Just ask Crazymelody about this step.(Her email is and the beginning of this page)

3. You will be voted on the PD crew mods to qualify. If 2 out of the 3 mods agree then you pass the test.

4. Once you past the test, congratz, you are now a PD crew member.


1. No trolling in any of the members world. Doing so would cause a ban. Also if you stop

not completed

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