Nvd in a level

Niels van Dijk, better known by his nickname, Nvd, was the owner of Everybody Edits, but he gave ownership to Nou.


Nvd as admin with changed name.

Nvd joined on Everybody Edits on March 11, 2011, 2:39 PM GMT. Nvd is the manager and author of the popular bot NBot. Nvd was, together with Ultrabass, the maintainer of Everybody Edits 2. They took it down when Mr. Shoe asked for it. Later Nvd became one of the three guardians, later one of the four moderators. According to a forum post, his age is 17 and therefore the youngest member of the admin team.

He is moderator since 29/08/2014 | He is administrator since 06/03/2015 | He is owner since 06/03/2015 until 20/08/2015

Possible future additions to the game mentioned by NVD Edit

  • Change the way of Red Ninja once again. It has been moved to campanign.

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