Music Box

A Music Box is less of a puzzle type and more of an type to entertain other users. Music boxes rely on a simple method; reversed gravity, piano blocks and/or drum blocks, and zig-zag patterns.


Needed Kits or Items: The Piano or Drum Blocks

Other blocks: Gravity

Any type of block can be used for a music box. Simply create a zig-zag pattern reversing the gravity with the gravity arrows at each corner. Adding the music notes at the corresponding spot in a song.


Music Boxes are one of the most enjoyable types of puzzles. They are simple and only require the player to jump at a corner.


  • Not all songs created by Music Boxes are zig-zag shaped! Some are just line or in rare cases, they are diagonal like stairs.
    EE Line and Diagonal

    Both line and diagonal near each other

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