Moderator Land is a very popular level created by Stubby. Mods have actually come into this world and wrote their signature down using their special text blocks. 3 of the 4 signatures are at/near the spawn. The level is a coin hunt, and requires that the player to find all 90 gold coins in order to open the coin door with the trophy in it.

The mods that have visited are RPGMaster2000, Cyclone, Benje00 and Toby. RPGMaster2000 has visited many times, while the others just showed up one or two times.

Moderator Land is sometimes still seen in the lobby. This is probably because it is so popular and some people like the idea of going into a world a mod has visited.


The level is a wide saved world, and has existed for roughly three years. Towards its beginning, there were no signatures at the spawn, and no backgrounds, since they had not been added to the game yet. The whole right side of the level was black, and blocked off, preventing players to cross over. Stubby, over the months of 2011, created the other half of the level while the players played the world. After the whole level was done, Stubby still edited the world, always making improvements. Some players still loved the world, and were eager to meet Stubby, and possible moderators. Many of Stubby's friends join the world, and use it as a chatroom, while others actually play the level and complete it.

The last time a moderator joined Moderator Land was when Toby left his signature, in early 2013. The level reached 1,000 woots on May 13, 2014. Also, There's an easter egg here that is the MrVoid here. Added by Nvd.

Level DesignEdit

The level contains 90 coins scattered throughout the level. Many of them require activating certain keys and switches, while others require platforming. At the bottom of the level, there is a full row of spikes along with red keys on top. This requires a player to sacrafice theirselves to activate the red key.

Moderator Land contains many different areas, though mostly in a grassy cave-like area. Near the right half, the map has a default smiley art with the name "Benjaminsen" under it in orange, honoring the game's creator. There is also a "woot for potions" sign beside it, which encourages players to woot in exchange for enabling most potions ~ NOTICE, THE POTIONS ARE GONE. REPLACED BY EFFECTS.

At the end, the player must go to an orange box with coin doors requiring all 90 coins to enter. Inside of the box is the trophy, which lets the player complete the level. If the player has Builders Club (Now it is GM), he or she may also get access to a cake near the spawn.


Minimap ingame.


You can play Moderator Land here:

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