An example of a minigames map.

A minigame map, also commonly referred to as "minis" is a collection of small platforming minigame levels, which consists of interconnected small rooms, each containing a challenge Right now it is the most used maps of all. Usally the minigames have a central theme tied to it. They may also have a speciffic difficulty level, usually in the map's title. Generally, the difficulty of the minigames increases as the player progresses through them.

The usual rewards for completing a level of this type are coins, crowns, or, on rare occasions, the actual code.

Characteristics of the LevelsEdit


Example of a minigame map as seen from the minimap.

A typical minigame map consists of interconnected rectangular or square rooms of roughly the same size, generally with bright colors for cleaner visual sake, most commonly rainbow-colored. The player usually starts at the far left bottom minigame and has to make its way to the far top right minigame.

Some levels or rooms also have its own difficult rating, often stated by colors or floor it is located, being the top floor the hardest minigame in the map. The difficult of later minigames may cause ragequits or several tries, although most minigames maps are 100% tested by the creator or testers.

It is common the creator may put a coin at the end of every minimap which then is used to open further minimaps or the end of the levels by using coin doors, although coins can also be scattered around the minigame, offering an extra challenge to the players.

Minigames maps also feature every kind of puzzle the creator can put on it, making them one of the most complete levels on terms of puzzles in the game.

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