Magnets are a type of puzzle that started popping up in worlds in about late 2011, though as of November 2013 it is rather rare. It consists of blocks with arrow blocks pointing towards them. This allows the player to stick to the block.

To complete this puzzle, players have to jump one magnet to the other magnets. In most magnets, there is usually a "weak" magnet that is harder to stick to or land on due to there being less gravity arrows to pull players in (See left picture)

the magnets in action, with the strongest and the second strongest

Weakest magnet

the weakest magnet, found at the end of most puzzles of this.

There are a few variants of the magnet. One of them is the "one block." The "one block" is the hardest to land on or stick to it. Hence it's name, there is only one block to stick to (See picture [left]), so even with lots of gravity arrows around it, it will be tricky among players to land on the "one block"

Then there is the "four block" which uses a 2x2 square of blocks instead of a single block, making it slightly easier to land on.

How big and strong the "magnet" is depends on the creators descretion. For instance, a "magnet" as big as a 10x10 square could only have a single line of gravity arrows around it, like the "one block" in the picture.

There are also "negative" magnets, which are regular magnets, but with inverted gravity. The negative magnets intend to push players away from the block. They can be cleverly used to make the player rebound from the negative magnet and onto another positive magnet that is unreachable by the previous positive magnet.
Negative magnets

one of the versions of the puzzles, negative magnets. in a pair

There is also "disappearing" magnets and "disappearing" negative magnets. These tend to dissappear when one of the players reaches the key first, since the blocks of disappearing magnets could be key doors.

The weakest magnets and negative magnets are a bit harder to land on than stronger magnets and negative magnets.

The rarest version of this puzzle is the "changing gravity" magnet. This can only be achieved by using EE Animator as it changes blocks constantly. This verison tends to change gravity randomly.

harder versions of this puzzle uses stealth gravity blocks, and boost gravity blocks.


  • This is inspired by wall jumps.
  • Magnets may be a thin rectangle (1 x length) with dots on one side of the length.

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