What is a magic coin?Edit

  • It looks like a regular golden coin.
  • It is a random chance to obtain.
  • When you get any sort of magic reward from it, the chat will say:
    • * MAGIC: [playername] just became a(n) [smileyname]!
    • * MAGIC: [playername] just found a magical coin and was awarded [energyadd] total energy.
    • * MAGIC: [playername] just got a magic brick!
    • No longer shows whether or not the player received a full energy refill in chat (only within the pop-up).
  • Limited to golden coins and to blue coins only.

How do I get it?Edit

  • Wander around a level collecting gold coins.
  • Just generally collect gold coins.
  • AFK in a coin-collecting world. This is also frowned upon by the community but is not as likely to get you banned.

Any registered player can get them.

What do I get from it?Edit

All of the following are random, but one of these will occur when you do find a Magic Coin.

  • It will add a magic coin to your current magic.
    • When a certain amount of "new magic" coins have been collected, you will upgrade your magic Class (which have been removed as of 24 February 2015).
  • A wizard smiley.
  • A magic block package
  • A total energy boost (with confirmations of +1, +2, +5, and +10).
    • It is also possible to get an energy refill, without having to wait.

Rewards are completely unrelated to each other.

How do I know when I get it?Edit

  • Message pops up in chat.
  • Message pop-up in-game (identical to incorrect font bolding).

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