Note: This feature was removed due to it unbalancing. To see revamped and readded Magic, click here.

The Magic Class is a removed feature in Everybody Edits that allows players to rank up. In prior versions, magic was burning off over time meaning that it is possible to drop a class when the players are not active. Magic is found in a shape of a coin. When a player touches a coin, there is a chance it is a magic coin, the magic coin then goes towards the player's magic which helps them rank up. 


A magic coin.

On February 24, 2015 magic classes were removed from the game. Their sprites still exist in the game files.


If the coin is a magic coin, it will add 1 to the player's magic class bar. When it is full, a player ranks up. The ranks go through 1-12. In older versions of EE, magic used to fade away, which used to be displayed by a circle graph. Magic decay used to be available for only non-Builder's Club members, but in the current version, magic decay is removed from everyone. There is also a tab that shows how much magic the player collected that day. The tab can be found on top of the screen when a player is in a level. If you hover your mouse over the tab it scrolls down to show how much magic the player collected that day.

When a player ranks up, the player's energy increases and a badge temporarily appears above the player. This badge is displayed on the user profile and changes per class. Possibly, it is expired.

However, there is no limit how many magic coins a player can get in a single day.

Badge Title Magic Class Start Coins Coins Required to Next Class Max Energy (always 200+)
Woot lvl 1 1 Amateur 0 5 200
Woot lvl 2 2 Novice 5 7 205
Woot lvl 3 3 Student 12 8 212
Woot lvl 4 4 Apprentice 20 10 220
Woot lvl 5 5 Regular 30 10 230
Woot lvl 6 6 Journeyman 40 15 240
Woot lvl 7 7 Adept 55 25 255
Woot lvl 8 8 Scholar 80 35 275
Woot lvl 9 9 Mentor 115 50 300
Woot lvl 10 10 Expert 165 65 330
Woot lvl 11 11 Master 230 90


Woot lvl 12 12 Grandmaster 67




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