MG Crew is a group of friends and collaborators that have varied over time, that build and create maps in 

Drock2308 (Founder) and Shyguy (Co-Leader) on 3 Lives Only.

Everybody Edits.  Over the course of their mapmaking, they have released 35 maps, ranging in themes.  They are often credited with being the second crew created within the game, and are widely recognised as the longest running active crew in the game.  

The founders of MG Crew include: Drock2308, Nou, and Bass5098.  Co-leaders have included: Shyguy, Bass5098, Kingoftheozone, and Shift.


MG Crew was created in early August, or 2010.  Soon after its creation, it was joined by several members, including Fistdacuffs, DetroitX, and Shesiressu.  After creating 2 nonartistic maps, they began experimenting with art, after recieving feedback, and advice from EX Founder, Mustang.  Their next map, they exerimented with art, by adding a small section with a water theme, which would eventually be expanded and used as the theme for their fourth map, Deepsea Minigames (Which would later be remade as Journey to Atlantis).  They went on, continuing to make several maps, improving their artistic abilities, and gaining new members, including Shyguy, who would later become the Crew's main Co-leader.  The Map Eerie Forest was made almost entirly by Nou, and the map Lost, was made entrily by Shyguy.  However, since saved worlds had not come out, they had to create maps by deleting their previous worlds, so worlds would only exist for a short amount of time.

Eventually, when the first EE Contest, occured, The New Years Contest, they entered, and ultimatily lost, with their New Year's themed map (Which is currently their oldest map that still exists).  As the Year 2011 began, they experimented with a new style of gameplay, creating the first "Life System" made with coingates in the game.  Soon, the second EE contest was announced, and the created their map, Easter Palace, which wound up winning the contest.  Sometime around this period, the users Kingoftheozone, Shift, and Yankeestar180 had joined the crew (Kingoftheozone would later replace Shyguy, and Bass5098 as the coleaders).  The Spring and summer of 2011 would see the most creative period of their crew's existance, making over 9 maps, and the first Gold Edition map (A series of remakes of original MG maps).  During September of that year, MG Crew released their anniversary map, and their first of two Collaborations with MX Crew.  In October, the thrid contest, the halloween contest, was announced, and MG eventually won, third place.  Right after the contest ended, Chris removed the minimap color of all decorations from the game, destroying the art of their entry.  This angered the current Co-leader Shyguy, to the point that he eventually quit.

During 2012, Kingoftheozone was announced as Shyguy's replacement, and Shift, as Bass5098's replacement.  They continued to make maps, albeit at a slower pace.  Over the summer of 2012, Superfly joined the crew, who would wind up hosting their sequal to Galaxy.  A year after their anniversary map, MG released a map, showing off all their map ideas that they were never able to release.

As of 2013, they are known to be working on their final maps, that they plan on creating.


Name of Map Release Date Picture
Epic Minigame Level August 10, 2010 N/A
MG Crew Minigame Collab August 13, 2010
MG Crew Minigame Collab
MG Crew Pro Minigames August 14, 2010
MG Crew Pro Minigames

MG crew

MG Crew Deepsea Minigames August 15, 2010
MG Crew Eerie Forest August 27, 2010
MG Crew Tomb Raider September 4, 2010
MG Crew Apocalypse September, 2010
MG Crew NES Worlds October, 2010
MG Crew Lost! October 22, 2010
MG Crew New Years December 30, 2010
MG Crew Puzzle Castle Janurary 16, 2011
MG Crew 3 Lives Only March 13, 2010
MG Crew Easter Palace April 16, 2011
MG Crew Gold Mine May 8, 2011
MG Crew Journey to Atlantis (Gold Edition 1) May 15, 2011
MG Crew Galaxy May 28, 2011
MG Crew Fantasy Land June 6, 2011
MG Crew Wastelands June 14, 2011
Ee2 (1)
MG Crew Blackhole June 27, 2011
MG Crew Tower Of Terror June 28, 2011
MG Crew Dreamscape July 3, 2011
MG Crew Palace August 15, 2011
MG Crew Anniversary September 23, 2011
MG Crew Tomb Raider (Gold Edition 2) September 24, 2011
Battle Of The Ages (MX Co-op Map) September 27, 2011
MG Crew Alcatraz October 26, 2011
MG Crew Eerie Forest (Gold Edition 3) December 24, 2011
MG Crew Treasure Island Janurary 6, 2012
MG Crew The Three Dimenstions April 5, 2012
MGX Prison Escape (MX Co-op Map) June 29, 2012
MG Crew NES Worlds (Gold Edition 4) July 6, 2012
MG Crew Galaxy 2 August 11, 2012
MG Crew Lost Levels December 1, 2012
MG Crew Lost (Gold Edition 5) April 2, 2013
MG Crew Tower Of Terror Redux June 28, 2013


Abandoned MapsEdit

Space Adventure


Sonic: Green Hill

World Tour



Menace Labs

Time Machine


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