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List of Common Everybody Edits Glitches Edit

Dot Jump Edit

Tough Dot Jump Edit

Dot jump 1

There are many different forms of dot jumps, as shown to the right. The first dot jump (the top one) is the hardest and may be one of the hardest glitches to do. It seems impossible at first, but many players have done it. In order to complete this bug, you must constantly hold up, space, and quickly tap left and right. This makes the smiley "jump" on the dot and onto the green area.

Corner Dot Jump Edit

Dot jump 2-0

This type is much easier. All you have to do is hold space and hit the very edge of the corner. It may take several tries, but it is guaranteed to work. Holding shift isn't necessary.

Other Forms of Dot Jumps Edit

Dot jump 3

There are definitely many more types of dot jumps, like the creative form to the right. It might not be tested, but it can be. If you have any more variations, please share!

Precision Jumps Edit

Precision jumps are usually extremely tough, but these are actually much easier than the regulars. These, however, are considered glitches because of the way you beat it. From left clockwise:

  • You may need a running start. It basically is just a weird way of doing hook-jumps, kind of.
  • Pixel perfection is needed. You have to hit the very edge of the < arrow in order to launch yourself up into the green.
  • Not very known, but is quite possible. Basically the next glitch but in a much, much harder way. It can be fitted into a 2-block narrow space, but the one shown is a 3-block.
  • Probably the easiest one here. A lot of players know this glitch; just hold space, up, and whatever key you need to press.
  • A man who obviously despises cake.
  • Also widely known. I call it Snaking. Basically just 1-block hook jumps made easier. However, this glitch requires you to press left and right at the correct positions to move forwards.


Precision jump 1
Precision jump 5
No cake pls
Precision jump 4
Precision jump 2
Precision jump 3

Boost Arrow GlitchesEdit

Boost jump

Boost Jumps Edit

Boost jumps are a type of glitch that lets you "jump" on action blocks. Basically, it is made by a column of at least 4 ^ arrows with down boosts at the top. See picture to the right for more details. All of the gravity blocks shown in the bottom portion work with the glitch, although ladder/chain only make you jump once. Holding space is required in this bug.

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