LM Mafia was founded by Liz (legoblob) and Mike (3Mike231). Other members are:

  • Josh
  • Different55
  • Anon
  • Keyada
  • Taco
  • Oonsk
  • Useminename
  • Tom
  • Snr
  • Pie (ex-member for Trolling.)


The LM Mafia has made several worlds. They started Pixelation, Pixelation v2, Winter Island, and several others. They also use minigames that are designed around words that you need to jump over. The Mafia's chat is Anyone is free to come in. Sadly, The LM Mafia's productivity has decreased and few worlds are made by them anymore. Every once in a while a member will make a world on his/her own that gets the LM Mafia more publicity. A good example of the is the world created by Anon that had thousands of views. If anyone wants to make a world there is usually someone there. Taco doesn't come back that often and Different55 doesn't chat because of computer problems. Pie was banned from the LM Mafia for trolling and is kicked for the clan chat. Legoblob, Josh, oonsk, Tom, and useminename are usually there to talk to.

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