The 5-Jump, a puzzle created by LM71

LM71, the owner of the AD Crew, is the creator and helper of many different levels. These levels include the following:

• Mario Art

• Super Mario World Backdrop

• Halloween art

• Sonic art

• Super Mario 64 Art

Beta boss to code

LM71 on the forumsEdit

When LM71 first found Forumify, he saw (on the taskbar) a forum for his favourite game, Everybody Edits. He looked around the site and thought "How about I make a forum for myself?!" So he did. It's called The Mario Forums. It is in partnership with The Luigi Forums (Obviously.) The first person to join the forum was Kaosslasher, then next was Kingjamstar. Many more joined, until a user called Collectionshower popped up. Apparently, Collectionshower had a forum of his own. So they made a deal. If LuigiMadness71 would make Collectionshower an administrator, then Collectionshower would make LuigiMadness71 an administrator on his forum, which was The 2DWorlds Forum A forum for the upcoming game, 2D Worlds (Similar to Everybody Edits). LuigiMadness71 has now made many new graphics for the game, including the banner for the forum and the smiley design.

AD Crew
Members LM71EE1 (Everybody Edits 1)
Maps made before Creation Mario Art (LM71)Super Mario World Backdrop (LM71) Halloween Art (LM71)Sonic art (LM71)Super Mario 64 Art (LM71)
Puzzles 5-Jump

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