There was a story about great treasure and seven pirates. Those pirates looted a lot of golden coins. But they were pursued of governor's police. They had to hide treasure? somewhere on the sea. They choosen one of island hundred miles on west from Red Harbour.


The map with a treasure showed on.

It happened 200 years ago, and nobody find the treasure. It's legend. But maybe you can find it? Oh, look! Somebody is coming to the island! You must be first!


There are 7 minigames, and you can choose which one you want try now. Every minigame gives you coin. When


Can you reach the treasure?

you reach seventh coin, you can go to the chest and win the level.

Hint: look fishes to get to map minigame!


Map owner: ktostam450


Find The Treasure's minimap.

Artist: ktostam450

Minigames: ktostam450? with thanel's help

Thanks for kankurou for prize decos.

Link to the map

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