JaWapa in a level

JaWapa is a previous moderator in Everybody Edits.

He is one of the three guardians (later renamed to moderators). JaWapa is the only moderator to be punishment in Everybody Edits.

He is mentioned since 29/08/2014[1] | He is moderator since 10/09/2014[2] until 01/02/2016 | He is administrator since 06/02/2015 until 20/08/2015


  • In February 2015 someone opened a level, the name of the level was R E M O V E  JAWAPA. In a few hours 150 players, and maybe even more came into this level.
  • In February 2016 JaWapa was demodded, had all access disabled and was permanently banned for stealing money from the game and making alternative accounts.[3]
  • In April 2016 JaWapa bypassed the ban.


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