There are two main types of high jumps. The dot high jump, and the arrow high jump. Both work similarly. In Version 0.7.0, High Jump can be easily Jump With Space+Up+Right Arrow Key,but it is soon fixed.Edit

Dot High JumpEdit

The dot high jump usually consists of a set of four blocks in a column with a dot in either the lower right or left corner. The object is get over the column that usually would be unpassable by using the dot. To do this obstacle, the best way is to start a bit away and move towards the dot and jump right as the player hits the corner. If all goes well, the player should jump a little higher and over the column. This is harder than the Arrow High Jump. Sometimes the dot is replaced with a swamp/mud block or rarely water. They act the same.


The dot high jump.

Arrow High JumpEdit

The arrow high jump is essentially the same as the dot high jump except it may have one more square added to the column, resulting in a five block column instead of a four block column. The exact same technique is used here.


The Arrow High Jump

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