Hazards are the 3rd and the last update in Jungle Theme. Players now can "die" and respawn back at the last checkpoint they touched, or the spawn point if no checkpoint has been touched.

Dying and RespawningEdit


Player dying

When a player touches a hazard, they are killed, and, after a brief delay, respawned to the last checkpoint they touched (or spawn point, if they have not touched a checkpoint).  When the player is killed, they're smiley disappears, and a small explosion-like animation occurs, before they are respawned.


There are also two new special commands:

  • /respawnall or /killall - spawns all players to checkpoints. (for owner only)
  • /respawn - spawns you to checkpoint. (for everybody) The command is removed.

Respawn command was the first command available not only for world owners.


Currently, there are three types of Hazard blocks, the spikes, fire, and lava.  Spikes can be rotated, similar to the way that portals can be, and have a hitbox that is roughly 3/4 of a grid space.  Fire cannot be rotated, but it is an animated block. Lava is a liquid block that sets a player on fire, killing them if they do not put themselves out in mud or water within a few seconds.

Also there are special blocks, checkpoints. Different between spawnpoint and checkpoint is that, the checkpoints can be checked by player and player spawns to them only if he dies.

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