Get ready to be spooked: It's Halloween in Everybody Edits!

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Halloween is here again, which means awesome limited-time content to celebrate this scary 2015 holiday. :)

Brand new smileys include the creepy ghoul, mummy, and blood-thirsty bat! Surrounding them is the haunted house-themed Halloween 2015 package, which includes ramshackle exterior materials (in both foreground and background), decorative iron fencing , dead shrub, lanterns as well as windows that glow on and off!

With all the new content in the shop comes a new free item: the scared smiley! All users can wear this to express their terror.

At last, some exclusive content in the form of a campaign! Not only do you earn an ominous badge for completing this challenge, you can also win the chilling eyeball smiley!

Note: These items will be available with energy until the 5th of November. After that, they will be moved to Classic items, meaning they can only be bought with gems afterwards. Get them while you can! In addition, the campaign is also available for a limited time, but will return each year for players who have missed it. The eyeball smiley will remain campaign-exclusive.

Other Edit

• Added tooltips to the settings page in the interactive tutorial.

• Half-blocks now rotate the same direction as one-ways.

• Commands are no longer case sensitive.

• Reverted text smoothing.

• Changed the text next to the search bar from "Play" to "Search".

• Guests and chat-banned users can now read chat.

• You can now lock your block bar to open/close automatically.

Bug fixes Edit

While we initially stated we would have the Domestic Pack in beta for a week, the half blocks have been causing major issues. We want to prevent players from building worlds which then no longer work due to fixes to these blocks. Therefore, they have been in beta for longer than expected and will remain in beta for a little longer.

• Fixed some physics bugs with half blocks. Not yet final.

• Fixed a bug where all players were always rendered, causing lag issues. More optimizations are coming with the next update.

• Fixed an issue where daily rewards would overwrite campaign rewards.

• Fixed a bug causing dismissed alerts to return.

• Fixed a bug where players would bounce when gaining levitation/low gravity effect.

• Fixed a bug with standalone profile aligning.

• Fixed a bug causing users to be unable to leave the campaign menu.

• Fixed a bug causing badge images to not load.

• Fixed a bug where crews couldn't be found when viewing from an alert.

• Fixed gem button centering for Kongregate users.

Gallery Edit

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