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Hacked Godmode

A user hacking God Mode in a level.

Hackers are users who use 3rd party programs to cheat in the game.

Hacking DevicesEdit

Cheat Engine, WPE Pro, EEHax and EE Trololo are just a handful of examples of hacking devices.

Account/Code Cracking Edit

Some common hacks known "Code Cracking" are usually used to obtain code. There are only few known, and most of them crack 0000-9999 instead of 0000-9999 and 00000-99999 or custom.

Account cracking is also well known hack where someone can crack one's password/email.

List of Common/Possible HacksEdit

  • God/Mod/Guardian mode
  • Unlimited potion time
  • Obtaining items
  • Obtaining gems
  • Unlimited woots
  • Obtaining Builders Club membership
  • Jumping over 6 blocks high without use of gravity or potions (known as SuperJump)
  • Teleporting
  • Editing normally on Open Worlds
  • Getting the code or obtaining edit or Code Cracking as mentioned above.
  • Spamming ("CAPS THOO", "loooooooongest message evar" etc) (Spam filters not used for bots, so they can be used to spam)
  • Using any items in open world (more than the allowed basic, metal, gravity and crown)
  • Using owner-only items in someone else's world
  • Obtaining Owner-only permissions in someone else's world
  • Obtaining Beta
  • Hacking/Cracking someone's account a.k.a. Account Cracking mentioned above.
  • Kicking players from someone else's world
  • Obtaining custom-sized world (600x600 for example)
  • Trolling without being detected by EE Troll Catcher (even with /gbp)
  • Chat as someone else
  • Coins and blue Coins
  • Smiley Hack
  • Block Beta, lava, etc
  • Changing their email/nick
  • Placing Text blocks (they are only available to moderators/admins)
  • Chatting as a guest
  • Getting bricks, smilies, chat, builders club and beta as guest.
  • Obtaining unlimited Builders club (except for moderators/guardians they can have unlimited)
  • Changing Builders Club Number (example: #imhax1nbr0) (except for moderators/guardians they can have custom, NVD and Ultrabass have)
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