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Hackers are people who use programs such as Cheat Engine, WPE Pro, and others to do and get items without working for it. Most hacks aren't illegal to use but some of them are like using Cheat Engine to give yourself mod mode. Hacks that aren't illegal are used to create magic blocks, coin generators, and etc., which would normally require WPE Pro.

A few other hacks include --

  • Hacking for smileys you don't have, such as superman smiley
  • Hacking the Diamond Smiley
  • Teleporting your location
  • Hacking code (or edit)
  • Going though blocks in hacked god mode (Known as noclip)
  • Jumping about twenty-thirty blocks high (Known as superjump)
  • Potion hack that makes them last indefinitely.

Actually, even all the bots are hacks because they are not provided nor recommended by Everybody Edits developers. These bots include Krock's Bot, NBot, Autobuilding bots, and even EEAnimator.

Example of a hacker:testplayer1 (for cheating in training zombie)

Hacked Godmode

Hacked Godmode (and Buildersclub)

Since about the end of June, there has been a exponentially spreading client known as EEHax. It can give hacked god mode, superjump, and infinitely lasting potions, some of the most well-known hacks today.

EE Trololo is another hack of EE. While it may not be as popular as EEHax, it hack Moderator Mode, which is the multi-colored god arua.

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