This guide will teach you how to make an art level. First, you must choose a type of art. Lots of planning is usually involved in making art levels, and is not easy to make profesional art, as in, a completely authentic work of art that is not copied off anywhere else.

Part 1 - PlanningEdit

Step 1 - Basic PlanningEdit

Ask yourself some questions about what you are about to create.

  • Am I good at or bad at drawing this?
  • What is the art going to be about?
  • Where will this be, and where will that be?
  • How big is this, and how big is that?
  • What will everyone's perspective of this be when it is finished?

Step 2 - Outlines and BlueprintsEdit

Make an outline of the general structure of the art. Using external programs like MS Paint can help plan your design, though it's not really needed.

Remember to pick a colored block to outline that contrasts the default background for the world as it makes it easier to see the outline on the minimap. Details can be added later.

Step 3 - Color PlanningEdit

Thirdly, you are advised to use a color pallete, usually 2x2 or 3x3 squares of blocks so you can know what blocks resemble each shade without going through much trouble.

Organizing palletes is even more helpful, and sorting out shades and colors can give you exactly what block to use.

Part 2 - DetailsEdit

Step 4 - Color it InEdit

Color inside the outlines, and you can use whatever basic colors or shades you want. Afterward, erase the outlines to make the art look more natural.

Step 5 - Small DetailsEdit

Create some details such as rocks and fossils underground, or reflections on glass, mirriors, or water, or extra designs on things such as wood. Remember to shade and vary the colors in these details.

Step 6 - Shading and LightingEdit

There should be shadows behind solid objects if there is light coming from a specific direction. It is advised to make an object darker (from closer to light to farther from light) depending on where it is.

Step 7 - Final CheckEdit

See if everything looks good, and put some minigames in it if you want to. You can share it and see what others see.

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