Making an edit key can sometimes be confusing. However, there are people that sometimes create an edit key that is easily guessible (123, lol, hi, etc.) In this guide, I will be teaching you how to make an uncrackable edit key for your level in order to prevent trolling.

Side note: This ONLY prevents trolling IF you do not give out the key. If you do decide to give the key out, prepare to get trolled.

The guide itselfEdit

Step one: Go onto Everybody Edits and name your world but do NOT enter it.

Step two: Go to this website:

Step three: Uncheck "Include symbols in password?"

Step four: Choose the length of your password (I reccommend 8 or higher letters/digits)

Step five: Click "Generate Password." The password generated should look like this: p67q01497SH97C

Optional: For the extra paranoid, go to this website: type in your password, and check how long it will take for someone to crack it.

Step six: Highlight the generated password and copy it onto notepad or write it down so you won't forget in case you disconnect.

Step seven: Either type or paste your password on the "Super Secret Edit Key" box on Everybody edits.

Step eight: Enter your world and start building with complete security!


As said before, this password can be cracked, but the hacker would need to live for around 30 billion years to do so. By using this guide to create your password, it will be uncrackable for a very long time.

Passwords That You Should NEVER UseEdit

  • 5 digits integers, or even less (EG) 2134, 98764)
  • simple combination of characters and numbers (eg) a123,1b56)

Etcetera... Oh, and never use ANY code with just a bunch of different numbers.

/giveedit CommandEdit

Now, you don't have to set code to able somebody edit. Now, you can use this command:

  • /giveedit nick

Or this one:

  • /removeedit nick
*Replace nick with nick of player that you want to able/disable editing

This is safer than setting code, that somebody can crack.