It's not very hard to cheat in Everybody Edits if you can learn how to use Cheat Engine. Most "hackers" are simply script kiddies who use a packet editing program, such as EEAttacker and Cheat Engine.

The best way to counter code hackers is a strong password composed of random uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation. Never use simple passwords such as "1" or "lol". You can use online tools that can generate a safe password for your world such as this Password generator. The best way to protect, is to use both numbers and letters.

Super Secret Edit Keys NOT to use Edit

  • One-character codes (a, y, 2, etc.)
  • (Your World Name)
  • 4 same numbers (1111, 5555, 7777, etc.)
  • Any sequence of numbers that only have two unique numbers (1122, 7878, 999999399, etc.)
  • Any consecutive sequence of numbers (1234, 4567, 123456789, 7654, etc.)
  • 1337
  • 69
  • 9001
  • asdf
  • qwerty
  • qwertyuiop
  • XD
  • Any short word (usually five or less letters). This includes:
    • abc
    • abc123
    • art
    • arts
    • edit
    • hi
    • hello
    • level
    • lol
    • lolz
    • lul
    • lulz
    • this
    • that
    • pro
  • Obvious phrases, such as:
    • godmode
    • everybodyedits
    • code
    • pass
    • password
    • iloveyou
    • minigame
    • boss
    • world
    • word
    • letmein
    • welcome
    • goodbye

Instead, you should use random letters and numbers, like these:

  • g4j5Afaoa094
  • kg5sR36gtaG
  • biZ9de4M4qn
  • pa5ma967an

Easy way to keep superjumpers out:

Hack remover 1

No more superjumping cheat!

Superjumpers can toggle superjump on and off, so it would also be good to use the method described below.

To track down no-clippers, it would be best to look on the minimap to see who's using hacked god mode. Note that no-clippers can cease god mode at any time, so it would be best to have an alternate account that's in the middle of the map while you stay in a corner or a far-off place, where hackers may think that you will not see them, the screen on the alternate account will be able to see the hacker, and therefore you being able to identify the hacker.

Other than that, the only way to combat hackers is to constantly watch the whole level for hackers.