Guardian aurea

The special guardian god aura

Guardians (known as Moderators) are players who have the ability to ban trollers and stalkers. Guardians can Kick people from a world and toggle God Mode even without edit. They also have a special username color and a special god aura. There are currently four guardians, but in the near future they will bring the total up to six[1]. They were first mentioned by the moderators August 29 2014, but not everyone was confident about it[2]. Therefore, when the guardians were introduced in the game on September 10 2014, Mr.Shoe and Mr.Void answered some questions on the blog[3]. Ultrabass used to be a guardian as well, but he chose to resign from the Guardian team[4], but is now a Guardian again. It is rumored that Benje00 is a secret guardian (now he is moderator)

List of GuardiansEdit